Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heart box from House of 3

My daughter's room has light green walls with black and white furniture and accents. Sometime ago we purchased an Ikea Ung Drill frame. It was so pretty, but we really had no plan for it. Then I saw a great idea from the House of 3. So I ordered their Heart Kit. Last weekend my daughter put it all together. She used a rub on quote that came in the kit. She used her own choice of paper from my "collection". I think it turned out fabulous.

She used some lace to trim the edges. The chunky chandelier crystal was part of the kit.
They have lots of yummy stuff over at House of 3. If you have a minute (or more) go over and do some window shopping.
I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving!
(and a safe Black Friday)

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  1. How cute is that! That's awesome that your daughter put it together. :)