Sunday, December 27, 2009

My daughter wanted to get gifts for the family that she works for. I suggested she make something for them. I had seen an idea for glitter ornaments on a couple of different blogs. I had all the supplies and my daughter loved the idea.

The ones that Joy made for the CricutChristmas blog really inspired us.

These are the ones my daughter made. I think they are just beautiful!

She picked up some of those boxes at Michael’s that are shaped like Chinese food containers but made of decorative paper. She wrapped each ornament individually in tissue and put it in its own box.


  1. I love YOUR ornaments! lol
    Those are adorable and pretty!!!
    Thanks for leaving some love over at BMS!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. OMG!! You rock! I am going to go look up those journaling books now! Thanks!

  3. Cute ornaments! I was hoping you'd 'stop by' my blog. I got a new computer for Christmas and I'm still trying to transfer all my shtuff...BUT...I do still have a package for you! With all the hustle and bustle...I never got it sent out yet. I need your addy again. So sorry!


  4. Those balls are beautiful!! Great idea!!