Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Made it Myself...

I have been trying to figure out my next post would be about when I read Cheryl Waters' (Founding/Lead Fiskateer #002) blog today. She wrote “Now I’m looking for a discounted ‘Clip It Up’. I’ve tried bidding on E-bay but no success yet on a deal. Any suggestions? It’s definitely something I could use.”

Well, I was like Cheryl. I wanted a ‘Clip It Up’ but didn’t want to spend all that money. I did some Google searches and found a few sites that gave me some ideas on how to make one.

Paulien van den Bosch led me to Shayla’s Creations. Both gave me great ideas. I also found a YouTube video by margaretcrafts. She has a supply list on her I Love Crafting blog. I had to do some legwork to gather all the supplies.

First I ordered the washer top lampshade wire rings from They cost around $2 - $2.50. I think you could order all the supplies from them, but I am a visual and hands on person.
So next I visited my local hardware store. I love this store because they have people that actually offer to help you and they know their business. I bought the 36” threaded rod, hex nuts, washers, lock washers and a simple little finial from them. All those supplies were under $10.
And last, I bought a lovely lamp base from our local Lamp Factory Outlet. They had a large variety of bases to choose from. This was the most expensive part. I treated myself and picked one that I really liked. It was under twenty dollars. You could save money by reusing an old lamp, but note, not all lamps have the same parts.
It was fairly easy to put this all together. The only tools I used were two pair of pliers. I am planning on spraying the metal parts black (only because that is my preference). Oh – what about the clips? I found clips by Darice on the JoAnn’s website. I got them on sale for $2.39 for 21 clips. They are perfect. That sure beats 25 for $7.
7Gypsies has a version of this that they use for a Photo Display, so don’t limit yourself!
I have an old floor lamp that I was going to give away, but I decided to keep it and try to make a floor version. I am partway through that process and will post another blog when that one is done.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love the idea of a floor version! Be sure to share if & when you get around to that project!

  2. YOU DID IT!!!! It looks like the real deal, too. When you finish that floor version, you will be the Clip it queen!

  3. This is great. I made a youtube video on a much simpler one too. using an old lampshade .. check it out... I cant add the link cuz Youtube is down for maintenance, but my channel is called shopcropsuey.


  4. It turned out super - I think the floor version is a brilliant idea! :) I have your sizzix dies to return! :)